Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pisa beyond its leaning tower

Pisa is such a wonderful city rich of culture, art and traditions. The leaning tower is probably the most recognizable landmark in the world but unfortunately it's the only attraction that most of tour companies are offering to their guests. We want to show our guests the Pisa beyond its bell tower.

This picture shows the "Universita' Normale di Pisa": one of the most prestigious university in Europe founded by Napoleon in 1810.

Only a 5 minutes walk from the Campo square you will discover this beautiful building and its square designed by Vasari.

Let us show what you have been missing! Viva Pisa!!!

Montespertoli: an undiscovered jewel in the Chianti

This is Montespertoli, a small medieval town south west of Florence: a jewel in the Chianti.

Several events occurring throughout the year are rooted in typical farming traditions and celebrate the products of the land, the fruit of the people's passionate labor, unique in its simplicity. Food fairs are organized during the month of November and the local population gets ready for the winter by sampling vino novello (new wine) and chestnuts, they taste the local bread and enjoy the flavor of the new oil, or simply get together and celebrate drinking vinsanto.

The long series of local events does not finish with the coming of winter but it continues in spring and becomes even more hectic during the summer. Without a doubt, the main event is the Chianti Fair that takes place in the months of May and June and makes for great partying, wine tasting, and fun.

This photo was shot at the Villa Sonnino estate, one of the finest in the area producing fine wines and extra-virgin olive oil.


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