Sunday, January 10, 2010

The simple art of greatness

Perhaps because it was the birthplace of renaissance, our region is often associated with wealth and refinement. And so most of the people assume that everything in Tuscany will exhibit these characteristics. It is actually quite the opposite and that is what I love most about my region.

The food of Tuscany is a great example on how simple things in life are the most beautiful.

Our food is never elaborate and everyday meals are more likely to be dominated by the simplest yet freshest and seasonal ingredients. The entire Cucina Toscana revolves around bread and olive oil.

Tuscan bread Pane Toscano tastes like no other bread in Italy, mostly because it is made without salt. Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil is known among the world's best.
The most glorious way to serve these two simple ingredients is as Fettunta, a piece of toasted Pane Toscano swathed with just pressed, green, unfiltered Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil. The name Fettunta comes from Fetta, the name workers used to describe the hunk of bread intensely flavored by extra-virgin olive oil as it ran fresh from the press.

Join us and get to know the real food of Tuscany and how people make it everyday.
Discover the simple art of greatness.

Check out Tuscan Roberto Benigni speech at the 71st Academy Awards for "Life is beautiful" on Dante, love and his parents biggest gift...Enjoy!

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